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Bull Zoosnood

Absolutely love our zoosnood!! My Dozer looks sooo adorable wearing it!!! Can't wait to order another one.


the snoods are wonderful. they work perfectly and both my dogs love them :)

We LOVE our zoo snood!

From customer service all the way to my zoo snood was amazing and I highly recommend them! We just love maya's zoo snood and can't wait till we get our next one! Thanks for such outstanding service!!!

Bunny Jasmine

She has us cracking up when she wears hers around the house. Can't wait till winter so all three pups can wear them more. They are built to last so we will be getting some for gifts this holiday season. Thank you for a great product and excellent service.

Zeekies Bull Snood

This one fits perfectly and he doesn't mind wearing it. Usually we have a problem with him wearing any kind of hat but he seems to really like his snood. I like that it can fit a large head without squeezing his face.

Bear zoo snood

This bear one fits my dog perfectly. And it's going to give him plenty of warmth in the winter. We can't stop playing with it because it's so funny to watch him run around with it on. Its already lasted a few games of tug a war and not one rip anywhere. Thank you for a great product.

Very foxy

The fox snood is just perfect for my red staffy. Well made, good fit and seriously cute!

Great product

LOVE it!!! So adorable

Cutest little Bunny

My little chihuahua looks picture perfect in her bunny Zoo Snood. I love it!

Zoo Snood-Giraffe

Awesome item! Thinking it will keep my pup's ears warm when the weather gets colder. Good fit and cute look!

Love it!

Love our panda bear zoo snood! So well made and looks just adorable on our dalmatian! It's a perfect fit!

5 star

Panda Bear Zoo Snood

Adorable and fun

Got my zoos super quick and I LOVE them! I am a photographer always looking for fun and unique ideas for shoots and these are the best! I tried them on my 5 dogs and they fit great and my dogs don't even seem to mind! Will be ordering more soon!!!!!


I love the products we've received from your company so far (fox, rabbit, horse). We will definitely be ordering again! Such a cute idea!

5 star

Love jt

Stinkin Cute

I love my fox zoo snood. I've always thought my male Chihuahua looks like a little fox but could never find a costume. Thanks to zoo snoods I have one now. Very well made and sturdy. I plan on buying more!


We love zoo snoods! ❤️, nacho & friends

dog is upset

my dog looks upset when she wears it, but she gave up on trying to take it off after I put it back on her a few times. I got some good pictures out of it.

Works well and really cute!

I wanted to keep my dog from getting too cold, so I got this to cover his head. He was a little annoyed with it at first, but now he loves wearing it out on walks. I got a large for my chow chow.

Dog hat perfection!

Really cute idea that I absolutely LOVE!! We have coats and sweaters to keep my maltese warm, but nothing for her head. We tried hats before, but they didn't stay on very well. The snood is great! It's really easy to get on, and she doesn't seem to mind wearing it.

Great product

This is so amazing! It fits my dog really well and he actually tolerates wearing it!

This is awesome!

Lovely! My dog hates it, but I don't care. It's too adorable! The small fits my Shihtzu perfectly.

Easter Bunny!!!

I got this for my corgi to wear for Easter and he looks just like the product picture! I love it!

Kentucky Derby Ready!

My english bulldog loves his new snood! He's so happy flopping around when he's wearing it! It keeps his head clean, while making him look ridiculously cute! Nice job!

Funny Cute


This is adorable!

This is totally adorable! I was a little worried about the quality at first, but when I got it, it was really well made! It's a lot thicker than I thought it would be. It arrived very quickly, and fits perfectly. Highly recommended for dog lovers!

Cute, Simple

This was a nice winter hat to easily put on my dog right before going out on a walk when it was cold outside. Great for keeping my dachsund's ear's warm. My only complaint is it was a little loose. I followed the size chart, but the medium was a little too large. I emailed customer service about it, but they said a small would likely be much too tight for my dog. Sometimes I have to re-adjust to straighten the snood back out, but my dog doesn't seem to mind too much. I think he's just happy his ears are warm!

Great price for amazing quality

I was surprised at how good the quality was for the price. Super easy to put on my dogs and take pictures. The small fit my 12 lbs dog perfectly.

Got three, friends got 5

I got three of these for my cavs and was super happy with the quality and how cute my dogs looked. After my friends saw the pics I posted online, a lot of them bought some too! Now I have three little bears, and when I meet with my friends for a doggy day, it's like we're in the middle of a zoo!

Great Quality

Super cute snood and really good quality. Very happy with the purchase.


I can't help but burst out laughing whenever I see my Kiki in her snood! She looks so funny running around in it! It's great for winters when it's cold and windy outside. I ended up clipping it to her leash so she can't pull it off on walks. Sizing chart was helpful in deciding which size to get.

Love zoo snoods

Love love love them! I got two zoo snoods for my labradors to keep their ears warm in our sub-zero temps. Thank you so much!


I gotta say that this is SOOO CUUUTEEE!!! I am positively GIDDY with excitement every time I look at my little frenchie, Nero, when he's wearing his little bunny zoo snood! The quality is really good, the size was perfect, and there thankfully was no weird smell or anything, so Nero was happy to bounce around with it on all day! Yaayyy!!!

Very cute

Very cute! High quality material. Thicker than I expected. Good job!

Happy dog

Love these! Very well made and fits pretty well. My only complaint is the bottom part is not more stretchy. Still super cute though!

Dry and Warm

Works really well keeping my greyhound's ears warm and dry from the snow. Great product!

Utterly Adorable

Got this for our chihuahua and it fits perfectly! Very pleased with it!

AdorableSize Up

The snood is absolutely adorable. Really good quality and well made. I have a 14 lbs dog and ordered a small, but it was way too tight. I emailed them for an exchange, and they send a medium to replace it right away. The medium fit much better. Cute!


This is so awesome! I love it so much! My dog, on the other hand...not so much. But it's only been a day. I'm sure he'll get used to it if I keep putting it on him before taking him out for a walk.

My dog looks so cute and it keeps her ears ...

My dog looks so cute and it keeps her ears clean during treat time. We got the fox snood in small. Joviethecavalier on insta!


Absolutely adorable! Five stars!!!


I couldn't resist getting this after seeing some posts on Instagram! I don't normally dress up my dog, but this was worth it!

Horsing around

Really cute and well made. It gets a little loose when my pitbull is running around, so I have to re-adjust it sometimes.

Happy huskie!!

Didn't complain nearly as much as I thought. He's happy walking out in cold weather!

Keeps Lab's Ears Warm

Bought this for our black lab and the Nebraska winters. He needs his exercise but his ears freeze! At first he didn't love it, but after association training he now knows it means he gets a long walk with warm ears. People stop us all the time to comment on how cute it is! Fun purchase, bought 2 additional for friends!

Five Stars

Got it for our Terrier and it's perfect! Really well made/high quality, and it provides great protection from the cold.

Well Made

Really well-made product, but my dog was bothered that it covered her ears. I ended up donating it to the doggie day-care that I use, and they loved it! The whole group ended up taking lots of cute pictures with it on. Overall the craftsmanship is great, and if your dog likes it, would be perfect. If not, you can at least get some adorable photos out of it! :)

Five Stars

So cute! High quality! Fast delivery!


OMG I'm dying looking at my frenchie wear this! She's so cute looking like a little bear! I love it!

All good

I don't normally dress up my dogs, but sometimes it's necessary during really harsh winter days. These worked out pretty well. My wife is pretty happy with how the dogs look too.'