Our Story

Zoo Snoods launched in Fall 2016, introducing an amazing new collection of adorable knit animal-themed "snoods" to pet lovers everywhere. Founded by the creator of "Beard Head" and his trusty pupper sidekick, Lucky--Zoo Snoods is the latest line of "fun and functional" knit products meant to bring smiles and happiness to everyone around them.

What is a "Snood?"

Traditionally, a "snood" is a wide ring of knitted material worn as an ornamental hood or a scarf for women. A "Zoo Snood" is an animal-themed knit hood for dogs (and cats, if you can get them to wear it). Zoo Snoods will keep your pet warm on those cold and wet days, and their ears protected from mud and moisture. But most importantly, Zoo Snoods will make your pet look more adorable than ever, inspire laughter, cause smiles, and bring about even greater feelings of love and affection!

Giving Back

We here at Zoo Snoods are passionate about animals, and animal well-being. That is why a portion of every Zoo Snood sale is donated to animal welfare organizations that are committed to helping pets in need. To learn more about our charitable efforts and how you may be able to help, please visit our "Love" page here.


"Zoo Snoods was conceived, in part, from the love and affection of a small terrier-chihuahua rescue named Lucky. For 15 years, Lucky was my shadow, my partner, and my best friend. She brought me joy, given me purpose, and inspired me to help better the lives of pets and their families all over the world through the Zoo Snoods 'Love' initiative. Sadly, Lucky passed away shortly after Zoo Snoods' launch, but her spirit will remain with me always."

David Stankunas
Founder, Zoo Snoods

Thank you!

Please consider volunteering at your local animal shelter! For more information about animal welfare organizations we support, please visit our Love page.
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