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Unveiling the Purpose of Zoosnoods: A Closer Look at their Benefits

by Marketing Accounts 17 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Discover the true purpose behind wearing Zoosnoods and explore the myriad of benefits they offer. From style to warmth and protection, find out why Zoosnoods have become a must-have accessory for your dog.

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Are you tending to bring your pet to work? We have the National Take Your Dog to Work Day coming on the 23rd of June, so it’s about time to prepare. At the same time, we know that there will be some worries about pets getting nervous if there are plenty of people or some unexpected noises happen. How to protect our pets outside? Here Zoosnoods come to give you support. 

Since people are always curious about the actual purpose of wearing Zoosnoods for our dogs. Is it really for fun or for use? Either way, does our dog really need the snoods and what is special about Zoosnoods? For all these question marks, let us follow and we will have an answer for you.

What is a dog snood? 

A dog snood is the type of headwear that can completely cover a dog's ear, neck and head, typically made from soft warm materials such as cotton, fleece and knit, also comes with different colours and styles. Mainly used for protecting dogs from anxiety reduction, easier eating and keeping warm.

What is the Zoosnoods?

Zoosnoods is the animal-themed snood brand started in 2016, founded by the creator of "Beard Head'' and his trusty pupper sidekick, Lucky. Sticking to the core of "fun and functional", they aim to bring smiles and happiness to everyone around them. 

Why are we so special?

  • Animal-Themed Designs: You can find various choices of animals you like and dress your pet like that. It is not only a dog snood, but also a dog costume.
  • Comfortable Raw Materials: 100% hand-knitted snood made from soft yarn, ensure not to make pets allergic. 
  • Customizable Fit: We are designed to be stretchable and adjustable, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit on a range of dog sizes and breeds, making sure dogs do not remove the snoods easily.

What is good for wearing Zoosnoods?

  • To prevent ear infections: Dogs with long ears, such as Basset Hounds or Cocker Spaniels, are prone to ear infections, the most common one is otitis externa. Snoods also help prevent airborne contaminants, such as forest smoke, from getting into your pet's ears. Snoods can help to keep their ears clean and dry, which can prevent infections from developing.
  • Prevent hair from getting in their food: Dogs with long hair and big ears may have trouble keeping their hair and ears out of their food, especially when they are drinking and eating wet food, such as Bloodhound, Basset Hound, Beagle and Cocker Spaniel. A snood can help to keep their hair back and prevent it from getting in their food.
  • Reduce anxiety: When loud voices happen, such as thunder, fireworks and vacuums, wearing a dog snood to prevent these noises will make dogs feel more secure and comfortable. As well as the situation of releasing separation anxiety and social events when there are too many people. So if you bring dogs to work or a public place around a lot of people, the snug fit can provide a sense of security, which can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

anxiety relief of Zoosnoods

 Photo Credit: @leo_thebordercollie

  • Keep warm: For dogs living in colder climates, normally in winter, a dog snood can provide an extra layer of warmth and protection around the neck and ears, helping to prevent frostbite and keeping them comfortable in chilly temperatures.

Also, check out our blog on 4 Activities to Get Outdoors with Your Dog This Winter.

  • Style and fun: ZooSnoods adds a playful and whimsical element to your dog's attire. With designs that resemble different animals, such as lions, pandas, or bunnies, or cute movie characters like Star Wars Baby Yoda. ZooSnoods can be a fun accessory for special occasions, costume parties, or simply adding a touch of cuteness to your dog's look.
  • Attention and engagement: Dogs wearing ZooSnoods often attract attention and smiles from people they encounter. This can be particularly enjoyable during social events or outings, good for breaking the ice when everyone is unfamiliar, as it encourages interaction and positive engagement with others

zoosnoods social media friendly.

Photo Credit: @smooshy_mooshy

  • Social Media friendly: We can create adorable and memorable photo opportunities. Whether you are capturing special moments with your furry friends, participating in pet-themed events, or bringing your dog to work, dress them with the cute snood can not only add cuteness but also enhance the visual appeal and make your dog stand out in photos, a great way to post on your social media.

As we can see, wearing dog snoods has plenty of positive points, and Zoosnoods brings more beauty and fun to our customers. Indeed, with several years of development, we have gained a lot of love and compliments from our customers, and we will continue to make great designs and bring the snoods with premium quality and craftsmanship as always. Hope these can also give you some ideas about the National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Let’s suit up and have fun!

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