At Zoo Snoods, we make knit dog snoods that are cute, funny, and will make you smile! Our collection of award winning pet snood designs, including our dog antlers and dog bunny ears, are getting incredible attention and quickly becoming popular must-have pet accessories!

When coming up with our unique dog snood designs, we listen closely to our customers and fans to determine what we should make next. That feedback, combined with our extensive knitting and crocheting experience and love for cute and adorable designs, allows us to make our dog snood collection one of the most wanted pet accessories of 2020!

People have been buying their pets clothes, dog costumes, dog hats, dog sweaters, special collars, and other pet accessories for centuries. In fact, dog snoods have existed as far back the 17th century! When we launched Zoo Snoods, we decided it was time to put our own spin on dog hats and the dog snood, and bring it into the 21stcentury. Our dog snoods are inspired by some of our favorite creatures from the animal-kingdom, which resulted in the popular bunny rabbit dog snood, deer dog snood, giraffe dog snood, dinosaur dog snood, bull dog snood, panda bear dog snood, and grizzly bear dog snood. We aren’t stopping there though, and we’re always working hard to come up with our next adorable new dog snood design!

Not only are we focused on creating amazing dog hats and pet accessories, we are also dedicated to giving back to animals in need. We donate a portion of every Zoo Snood sale to animal welfare organizations that rescue and protect animals in need. We also frequently donate Zoo Snood dog snoods to rescue shelters and rescue dog photographers to help bring attention to a dog in need of a home. You can visit our Love page to find out more, or contact us about an animal welfare organization you would like to see us help.