Zoo Snoods® – Why are They the Perfect Gifts for Dog Lovers?

Shopping for the perfect gift for your dog loving friend can be difficult. Their corgi already has the finest shampoos, their frenchie is already wearing a designer collar, and their pug’s new cable-knit sweater is already nicer than something you wear yourself!  What do you get for the dog owner that has everything?

fancy dog clothes
Cute dog clothes are fine, but don’t really serve much purpose aside from making your dog annoyed. We wanted to combine the FUN of dressing up with the FUNctionality (see what we did there?) of useful dog apparel.

And the solution we came up with was… Zoo Snoods!

fox zoo snood dog snood

Zoo Snoods?

Yes, that cute little piece of crocheted wonderfulness  can solve some of those annoying issues of dog ownership, all while turning your dog into an adorable, cuddly little social media star! To be specific, a Zoo Snood  can solve two problems you may be facing:

  1. Help your dog stay warm and keep its ears dry and free from moisture build-up
  2. Prevent food from getting into your dog’s ears or hair while eating

Brrr...It’s COLD Outside!

Zoo Snoods will keep your dog warm. But because it’s Summer right now, we don’t need to talk much about that..  For now, we just suggest  you subscribe to Zoo Snoods’ email updates (click the coupon button on the right, or scroll down to the bottom to subscribe), and once the weather gets colder, we will send updates about new dog snood products, current flash sales, and exclusive Zoo Snood coupons.

The second advantage is relevant at any time of the year,  so we will spend a few seconds on it.

Excuse Me, Waiter...There’s a Hair in My Food

Keeping your dog clean while she chows down on a bowl full of dog food has always been a difficult task. Turns out, dogs don’t really care about getting food all over their faces and in their hair.  This problem is especially frustrating if your dog has long hair, or long floppy ears. For example, you have just shampooed your Yorkshire Terrier, and you fill her bowl with the most delicious dog food in the galaxy. The moment she bends her head down to happily chomp away, half-eaten food bits are stuck to her everywhere!

What do you do now? Shampoo her again? To quote a popular meme:

We’re all busy people.  We have families, friends, work, hobbies, and 3 seasons of Game of Thrones to catch up on before the new season begins (July 16th! FINALLY!).  Zoo Snoods are for people like us.

easter bunny dog snood zoo snood

 A Zoo Snood is a hood—essentially a tube of knit yarn—that slips over your dog’s head and keeps her hair and ears out of her water bowl and food. The snood can also keep her groomed hair free from tangles when she plays in the park, keep her clean from dirt and mud, especially when she romps around in tantalizing puddles, and toasty warm when it’s cold outside. To top it, Zoo Snoods can make her look like a giraffe, bear, or even a cute little bunny; making them the perfect gift for dog lovers.


Planning to buy a gift for your dog loving friend? Consider Zoo Snoods. They are going to love it, and their dog will be your friend fur-ever.

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