• Knit Snoods are Taking the World of Dog Apparel by Storm

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    Fashion is going to the dogs these days. Not so long ago, many people laughed at the idea of dog costumes unless they were in the context of popular festivals or holidays, such as the Mardi Gras Dog Parade or the Halloween and Christmas. But things have changed in recent years.

    Canine fashion is a real thing in 2017. The demand for dog garments—from utilitarian clothes for inclement weather, to fashionable hoodies and even dresses—is increasing. In 2011, Dogster magazine reported that “high-end fashion… took quite a bite out of the nearly $51 billion pet products market.” Six years later, the market has expanded and new trends keep on surfacing.

    The latest trend to capture dog lovers’ attention isn’t tuxedos or beach wear, but snoods. What was traditionally an ornamental scarf for women has now been transformed into a cute knit hood for dogs and dog lovers are going crazy over it for four reasons.

    Adorable Dogs

    Pet owners love to show off their dogs looking cute! Whether it be to their friends, family, or neighbors, or sharing cute photos on Facebook and Instagram with the rest of the world.. There’s no easier way to bring attention to your adorable dog than dressing your dog up with a cute snood.Deeper Bonding

    Putting on an adorable snood on our dog’s head is a natural extension of our love for them. It gives us give pleasure and solidifies the bond that exists between our furry friends and us.

    Keeping Comfy

    Unlike other strictly voguish and attention-grabbing dog apparel, knit snoods will keep your pet warm on those cold and wet days.
    Less Grime

    Dog owners don’t want to prevent their dog from running in the playground or deny them their favorite food just because they are afraid of the dog returning to them with dirt or scraps of food clinging to her hair. Snoods take the beating, protecting dog’s ears and hair from getting too dirty!

    Dog apparel started off as a trend for dog owners who loved to show off their dandy pets at dog parades. However, it has now evolved into a symbol of human-animal kinship.

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