• Knit Snoods are Taking the World of Dog Apparel by Storm

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    Fashion is going to the dogs these days. Not so long ago, many people laughed at the idea of dog costumes unless they were in the context of popular festivals or holidays, such as the Mardi Gras Dog Parade or the Halloween and Christmas. But things have changed in recent years.

    Canine fashion is a real thing in 2017. The demand for dog garments—from utilitarian clothes for inclement weather, to fashionable hoodies and even dresses—is increasing. In 2011, Dogster magazine reported that “high-end fashion… took quite a bite out of the nearly $51 billion pet products market.” Six years later, the market has expanded and new trends keep on surfacing.

    The latest trend to capture dog lovers’ attention isn’t tuxedos or beach wear, but snoods. What was traditionally an ornamental scarf for women has now been transformed into a cute knit hood for dogs and dog lovers are going crazy over it for four reasons.

    Adorable Dogs

    Pet owners love to show off their dogs looking cute! Whether it be to their friends, family, or neighbors, or sharing cute photos on Facebook and Instagram with the rest of the world.. There’s no easier way to bring attention to your adorable dog than dressing your dog up with a cute snood.Deeper Bonding

    Putting on an adorable snood on our dog’s head is a natural extension of our love for them. It gives us give pleasure and solidifies the bond that exists between our furry friends and us.

    Keeping Comfy

    Unlike other strictly voguish and attention-grabbing dog apparel, knit snoods will keep your pet warm on those cold and wet days.
    Less Grime

    Dog owners don’t want to prevent their dog from running in the playground or deny them their favorite food just because they are afraid of the dog returning to them with dirt or scraps of food clinging to her hair. Snoods take the beating, protecting dog’s ears and hair from getting too dirty!

    Dog apparel started off as a trend for dog owners who loved to show off their dandy pets at dog parades. However, it has now evolved into a symbol of human-animal kinship.

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  • How to Train Your Dog to Wear Crochet Snoods?

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    How to Train Your Dog to Wear Crochet Snoods?

    Big floppy ears and long fluffy hair are what make your dog unique and adorable.  But with these cute traits, real problems can also arise. Chunks of food can get matted in to your dog’s long hair, and long ears often get in the way while your dog tries to eat.  It may sound funny at first, but experienced dog owners know that combing out bits of food and cleaning your dog’s ears after every meal can become a very tiresome chore.

    Enter Crochet Snoods

    A “snood” is a clever piece of knit headgear for your dog that can keep your dog clean while he eats dinner.  Until a few years ago, “snoods” weren’t even known as a dog accessory, and were only worn by women using them to hold their hair back (like a bandana).  Nowadays, snoods have become the latest fashion trend for our furry friends, and dog owners everywhere are obsessed!  

    A snood isn’t quite a dog hat, bandana, or a scarf. It’s a super-cute accessory that keeps your dog warm, comfortable, and clean while she runs around on her daily adventures.  Not only do snoods serve a functional purpose, they’re also great fun, and impossibly cute!

    crochet dog snood

    You will love our newly designed Zoo Snood creations, but your puppy may need a little training to get used to her new clothing.  Have no fear though, we have some advice to make sure your pup loves wearing her new Zoo Snood as much as you do!

    How to Train Your Dog to Wear Crochet Snoods

    While a lot of dogs happily play dress-up, and are quite content to wear a Zoo Snood right from the get-go, especially when it’s cold outside, occasionally there’s a dog that doesn’t always like wearing his new Zoo Snood right away.  Luckily, you can train your pooch to put on hersnood in just a few sessions, and the whole training session can be fun if you follow these instructions:


    1. Gather/bunch up the snood like a sock, making it easy to place it over your dog’s snout first.
    2. Show your dog a treat through the snood.
    3. Place the treat on the floor in-between the snood and your dog.
    4. Cover the treat with a snood from a distance so your dog can’t reach it without inserting her head into the snood.
    5. Once your dog comes forward and starts eating, gently unfold the snood over its head.
    6. Hold the snood onto her head while your dog eats.
    7. Then let your dog  remove the snood if it’s uncomfortable.
    8. Repeat steps 1–7 for a few days.
    9. Once your dog gets used to the idea of having something on its head, it may even start loving its Zoo Snood! We’ve found that when dogs wear Zoo Snoods, they get a big increase in extra attention, pets, scratches, belly rubs, and treats!  And who wouldn’t love that?!?

    crochet dog snood

    Snoods are an essential dog accessory, worn by dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Our dog snoods are handmade with soft acrylic yarn, and come in a variety of adorably unique designs. If you have a large custom order, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Consider contacting us at info@zoosnoods.com.

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