Popular Instagram Dogs with Zoo Snoods Featured on People.com!


The Instagram account @dashandbolt was recently named by People.com as "Your Next Instagram Follow," and one of the pics featured by People showed the pups wearing Panda Zoo Snoods!  Check it out here!  (http://people.com/pets/instagram-dogs-dash-and-bolt/dash-bolt-7/) 

For a little background on the Instagram doggy duo:

"Dash is the Chihuahua, a stylish senior who is 12.5 years old, and his pup partner in crime is Bolt the French bulldog, who is a virile 1.5 years old. While the get along famously, they definitely have their differences.
This duo almost sounds like the classic odd couple.
"Dash is like a grumpy old man, and likes to yell at everyone when he first meets them. But he is an incredible and loving puppy. He loves to snuggle up to you for a long nap. He's very protective of his younger sibling,” Alex says of the dogs' different personalities. "Bolt is very laid-back and playful. He loves to meet other puppies and people, and is usually the first to make friends."

Congrats on being featured on People.com!  And thank you for wearing our Panda Zoo Snoods!  Hooray!

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