Zoo Snoods x Road Dogs and Rescue Collaboration

Road Dogs and Rescue is a wonderful organization based in our neighborhood, Southern California, that focuses on rescuing and fostering bulldogs.  Why bulldogs?  "Because although they're "cute" and expensive, many wind up in the shelters or unwanted because people don't realize how expensive they can be to maintain," said Road Dogs founder, Nikki Carvey.

Nikki reached out to us after discovering some of our Zoo Snoods and purchasing one on her own.  After seeing how popular they were when she posted a video on social media (her org's account has 250k+ followers), she reached out to us to see if we could work together!  We happily agreed, and sent her a nice care package of Zoo Snoods for several of her dogs to wear while promoting the Road Dogs Rescue organization! 

We've since seen several Zoo Snoods posts on the @roadogs Instagram, including updates about successful adoptions of some dogs who happened to be wearing a Zoo Snood (maybe we helped!). 

Keep an eye out for more news out of Road Dogs x Zoo Snoods!  We would love to get more involved with their organization in the future!

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