• ACCT Philly Adoption Photoshoot

    ACCT Philly Adoption Photoshoot
    We sent a shipment of Zoo Snoods to ACCT Philly, Philadelphia's largest animal care and control service provider (http://www.acctphilly.org/), to use in a photo shoot for an upcoming adoption event.  The photos turned out great, and the dogs looked like they had a great time.  Hopefully some have found their forever homes as a result!
  • Adoption Photos with Muddy Mutt Photography!

    Adoption Photos with Muddy Mutt Photography!
    Did you know many photographers donate their time to animal welfare centers to take adoption photos of rescues?  One such photographer is Jennifer H., from Muddy Mutt Photography!  Quite noble, if you ask us!  We try to help these photographers by providing them Zoo Snoods so they can take photos that catch potential adopters' attention, and portray the rescue pets in the best light possible! 
  • Shadowcats Christmas Open House

    Shadowcats Christmas Open House
    A wonderful cat shelter, Shadow Cats (www.shadowcats.net), hosted an open house where unique items, many cat-themed and some handcrafted, were offered for sale.  Attendees loved browsing the wide-ranging collection of donated items, especially because they knew that every purchase furthers Shadow Cats’ mission of saving the most vulnerable feline lives.  All proceeds went fully and directly to this cause!  
  • Stealing Hearts Rescue Fundraising Success!

    Stealing Hearts Rescue Fundraising Success!
    Zoo Snoods is proud to have contributed to Stealing Hearts Rescue's recent fundraiser, which raised nearly $3,000!  Not only did we provide prizes for a fundraising raffle/auction, we also sent a package of dog snoods for their rescues to wear during adoption events!  Stealing Hearts Rescue is a large breed rescue that focuses on strong breed dogs that are often misjudged. Please check them...
  • Zoo Snoods x Road Dogs and Rescue Collaboration

    Zoo Snoods x Road Dogs and Rescue Collaboration
    Road Dogs founder, Nikki Carvey, reached out to us after discovering some of our Zoo Snoods and purchasing one on her own.  After seeing how popular they were when she posted a video on social media (her org's account has 250k+ followers), she reached out to us to see if we could work together!  We happily agreed, and sent her a nice care package...
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